How To Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally?

Are you fed up with of the embarrassing bad breath, sore throat and coughing caused by tonsil stones?  Has your doctor indicated that the only option to remove your tonsil stones once and for all is the surgery?

Your doctor may not inform you that surgery will remove your tonsils but it will not get rid of your bad breath.  Most people who have had tonsil stone surgery report experiencing foul-smelling globs of a yellowish, white material in their throat.

Learn How To Remove Tonsil Stones and Discover What Causes Them

Tonsil stones are caused by a build-up of bacteria and particles from food that gets stuck in the tonsils. This debris, which can include mucus from post nasal drip, decays in the back of the throat and accumulates in the crevasses of the tonsils.

Tonsil stones cause bad breath, taste disorders and a thick white coating on the tongue.   Swelling of the tonsils and in extreme cases, swelling of the eyes, face, and neck may occur.  Depending on the size of the stones you may experience the sensation that something is caught in the throat.

Tonsils are the body’s natural defence mechanism.  They stop foreign invaders such as bacteria from entering the throat and potentially invading the delicate tissues of the lungs and intestines.

7 Natural Home Tonsil Stones Treatments

You will be happy to know there are natural ways of removing tonsils stone and bad breath permanently without the pain and expense of surgery.   Get all the details of how to remove tonsil stones via the following  tonsil stones home remedies .

Check out the following how to remove tonsil stones at home methods:

1. Raw Garlic Cloves / Onions for Tonsil Stones

Remove Tonsil Stones with Raw Garlic Cloves
Remove Tonsil Stones with Raw Garlic Cloves

To Remove Tonsil Stones naturally you can chew on raw garlic cloves. This can be easily done a few times every day, as garlic has antibacterial properties this can be really beneficial to get rid of the tonsil stones problem. This garlic will get rid of those bacteria that help make those stones/ food, etc tougher.

Onions are one of the best things to help prevent oral infections as well as various kinds of bacteria. Onions help remove the tonsil stones as well as prevent their formation thanks to the antibacterial properties.

2. Essential Oils for Tonsil Stones

Best Essential oils for tonsil stones treatments
Best Essential oils for tonsil stones removal

We all know how beneficial various kinds of essential oils are.

Different types of essential oils help get rid of different problems a person might face and are great to help our body relax, etc. There are certain oils which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This can help our problem of Tonsil Stones.

Try using oils like:

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Myrrh Essential Oil
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Thieves Essential Oil

What you can do is that you can add some drops of these essential oils to your toothbrush and use it to brush your teeth and also the tongue. Another way would be to buy a spray bottle and put the oils in it and the spray it on the areas that are affected.

3. Gargle with Water and Salt for Tonsil Stone Removal

Treat tonsil stones by Gargling water salt
Treat tonsil stones by Gargling water salt

One of the most common remedies is to gargle with salt water in the back of your throat.

You can also use gargling as a means of tonsil stones removal, and it is a method that has worked well for many people in the past. You can get relief from the pain and discomfort by gargling with salt water.

This is very efficient for the earlier stage of tonsillitis sufferer.

Because tonsil stones often form after leftover food gets trapped in the tonsil pouches, you should consider gargling with mouthwash after eating. Mouthwash can improve the overall health of your teeth and gums as well as dislodging tonsil stones that are stuck in there. If you are tired of having a core throat and coughing but your stone won’t come out, you should definitely try this.

Gargling For Tonsil Stones Removal Steps

This is pretty simple and salt and water is something that is available absolutely everywhere.

  1. Make sure that you gargle with warm water with some salt in it, which is more effective for tonsil stones removal.
  2. Simply mix together one teaspoon of salt with six ounces of water.
  3. Gargle the salt water with your head tilted back until it completely dislodges the bits of food stuck in the tonsil pouches.
  4. Saltwater is typically good at dislodging small tonsil stones and will also probably provide you with some relief from any discomfort you may be feeling in your throat.
  5. This will kill bacteria. If you gargle vigorously, you may succeed in dislodging the stones as well.

You can also gargle with oxygenating mouthwash, which contains chlorine dioxide and natural zinc compounds. This particular type of mouthwash can also be very effective at tonsil stones removal, and the oxygen in these mouthwashes prevents the bacteria in your tonsils from growing. Oxygenating mouthwashes are very strong, so you should only use it once or twice a week to avoid overdosing. You can use oxygenating mouthwash as a supplement with your normal mouthwash.

This method of gargling helps remove tonsil stones and you can use this mix every day, make it a part of your routine. IF you do not like this method you can use a mouthwash, it is all according to your preference.

Do not swallow the saltwater while gargling.

4. Dislocate Tonsil Stones with Lollipops

Dislocate Tonsil Stones Lollipop
Dislocate Tonsil Stones Lollipop

All the lollipop lovers raise your hand! This is an effective and fun method which involves nothing but sucking on a lollipop. Yes, you read that right, just suck on your favorite lollipop. Now how this helps is that you as you are sucking on that lollipop you are applying some kind of pressure. This helps to dislocate the tonsil stones from your throat. Pretty simple right? That does not mean that you keep doing this all day, lollipops are tasty but too much sweet does harm to your health.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar for Tonsil Stones

Try Apple cider vinegar for tonsil stones Treatments
Try Apple cider vinegar for tonsil stones Treatments

Apple cider vinegar can be of great help as it contains acid. You can actually use any vinegar and that will help you. This acid in the vinegar will break down those stones. Dilute the vinegar with some water and then you can gargle with it to get rid of tonsil stones. You can use white vinegar instead of the apple cider vinegar too so go ahead and try this method out.

You must have been sick of the saying, ‘An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

But that does not make it any less true. Apples contain mild acidic content which helps with your oral hygiene. This mild acid will clean your teeth to some extent by acting like an astringent. Apples improve your oral hygiene a lot as they scrub your gums and teeth and help them be clean.

6. Mouthwash for Tonsil Stones 

Try the following mouthwash and brushing natural ways to help prevent tonsils stones, however, they do not eliminate the underlying cause.

Home remedies such as:

  • Rinsing your mouth daily with mouthwash
  • Avoiding eating 30 minutes before bed
  • Brushing your teeth after every meal

If natural remedies don’t work for you, consider the use of an oxygenating rinse and nasal sinus drops. These will combat the buildup of bacteria and mucus in the tonsil crypts and help prevent the recurrence of tonsil stones.

7. Probiotic for Tonsil Stones

A probiotic culture known as acidophilus may have a beneficial effect on tonsil stones. Acidolphilus consists of good bacteria that help us maintain a healthy digestive tract. Acidophilus keeps down the anaerobic or bad, bacteria along with naturally occurring yeast.

This largely homeopathic remedy may help to break down the tonsil stones and work to prevent new tonsil stones from forming. Recommended dosages and results vary, so check with your doctor first. Acidophilus is readily available at health food stores.

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  1. Good morning Doctor. I have been suffering from bad breath for the past 15 years due to tonsil stones. I have done everything possible to get rid of the bad breath and I don’t want to remove my tonsils. Please what should I do, because it is embarrassing me everywhere I go. I can’t find a proper job or get a man because of this problem.

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