Tonsil Stones FAQs

What are tonsil stones?

These are nothing but mucus and food debris in tonsils.

How do I know if I have this problem?

Due to bad oral hygiene, one might face this problem. Basic symptoms are bad breath or a sore throat. Look at your tonsils and if you find some bumps coloured yellow or white, they are tonsil stones.

Can this spread from one person to another? Is it contagious?

It is not contagious even though bacteria is one of the main causes. Different people have different oral structures and, therefore, it is not easy to spread tonsil stones.

Should I visit a doctor?

Visiting a doctor for this can be an extreme measure as there are many other ways to get rid of these tonsil stones which can be done at your home itself and which will barely cost you anything as compared to if you visit a doctor it will be quite expensive. Visit a doctor only if the tonsil stones are too large and a problem seems severe.

Can tonsil stones come back even after they are cured?

Nothing is permanent if you are looking for solutions to cure tonsil stones. The best way is to prevent tonsil stones and not just depend on medicines. Take proper care of your oral hygiene to prevent the stones.

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