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If they are causing you no problems then they are best left alone- they don’t really require treatment.

1. Tonsil Stones Bleeding 

Bleeding, alright, bleeding is one thing that I scared and might as well for all of you. If we try to eliminate the Tonsil Stones by ourselves, then we have to be careful, we need to know that every person has different tonsil stones size, there is a small tonsil stone, and there are also large tonsil stones.

For those of you who have a small tonsil stone, you may still be able to remove it by yourself, but for those of you who have a large size of a tonsil stone, then you should be careful when you try to pull it out, remember, the large size of tonsil stones can hurt your throat or your tonsils, so beware about doing this thing.

2. Tonsil Stones Gagging

Choking/Gagging is another dangerous thing that can hurt you, did you ever heard about it?

Most people often ask how to Remove Tonsil Stones without gagging, this is because many people got gagging when they tried to pull out the tonsil stones from their tonsil. Until today, actually I have not found exactly the effects of tonsil stones to our bodies (in addition to bad breath and sore throat), but if we want to talk logically then this is the facts.

Tonsil Stones are formed by the remains of the food particles, bacteria and the small particles which set up an object such as a rock and stuck in the tonsils. These materials form the tonsil stones and it’s usually textured so hard as a rock. So, as you have read before, the tonsil stones are made of various materials that are harmful, especially a bacteria and the small particles that may contain substances that are not safe for your body.

Tonsil Stones also smell that was overpowering and very disturbing your life, it’s mean that the tonsil stones must be removed. I do not know is the acid in the stomach can destroy the tonsil stones or not, we know that a stomach acid could be overcome, however, if the stone is too large and tight, I think this is still danger for us.

3. Tonsil Stones Stuck

Can you imagine if the tonsil stones which has removed from your tonsils, then stuck in your throat?

I am sure you will fell suffer, you know that most of the Tonsil Stones are not round shaped and not soft textured, mostly looks hard and uneven. This is one of the main points of the dangers things.

You have to understand when the tonsil stones are hard and uneven texture is stuck in your throat, then I suggest you contact your nearest doctor!!

4. Broken Tonsil Stones And Formed A Sharp One

Another danger is a tonsil stone can hurt your tonsils or tongue, let me explain in deeply. When you try to remove a tonsil stone, you are very lucky if you repeal all sections of a tonsil stone that you seek, but if the Tonsil Stones are broken and some others part still stick on your tonsils, then the broken part of a tonsil stone maybe can hurt you.

The sharp fracture makes sure you are not comfortable, the most danger is it could hurt your tonsils also tongue or other parts because the broken tonsil stones can be a sharp stone.

That are the dangerous things which can happen to us if we choose the Wrong Methods for Tonsil Stone Removal. Some danger might happen when you try to remove the tonsil stones by yourself or also by a doctor, but if the doctor is doing, then all safety things are more assured that you do it by yourself but do not be afraid because there are still hope to Remove Tonsil Stones by yourselves.

Honestly, I’ve often written about how to get rid of Tonsil Stones independently, example, we can use warm water, using a mixture of lemon & water, using green tea even using our smallest fingers, but are you sure you can do it yourself?

Do you already know about the condition and the size of your tonsil stones?

Dr Jay Sidhu
I am a practising Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I have a special interest in working with Tonsil Stones Patients and providing Tonsil Stones Treatments online and within our clinic. Message me for any questions on Tonsil Stones. Dr Jay Sidhu

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