tonsil stones diet foods
Top tonsil stones diet foods
tonsil stones diet
Best Diet Foods for Tonsil Stones

The Tonsillitis Diet List

Choose these Foods for Tonsillitis!

omega 3 foods like Fish
Nuts and seeds
Herbs and Spices
Unrefined Oils like Olive
Green Vegetables

Avoid these Foods for Tonsillitis!

Vegetable Oils
Low-Quality Meat
Pesticides Crops
Common Allergens like dairy, Gluten
Processed Foods
High Sugar Foods

Dr Jay Sidhu
I am a practising Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I have a special interest in working with Tonsil Stones Patients and providing Tonsil Stones Treatments online and within our clinic. Message me for any questions on Tonsil Stones. Dr Jay Sidhu

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