oral care and tonsil stones
oral care and tonsil stones

Brushing constitutes an oral care; however, is it enough to prevent tonsil stones? Proper oral care regimen represents a most important concept in preventing them. In this section, we will concentrate on that. Dental care do not only comprise of brushing and gargling with mouthwash. It encompasses the entire process, to which serves an important role – to prevent the growth of dental Biofilm (bacterial colony) in the oral cavity.

In order to prevent tonsil stones from occurring again, meticulous oral care should be the number one priority.

The Patient Education section on www.colgate.com states that Biofilm clings to a wet environment or surface, like teeth, tongue, and tonsils. The bacteria then secrets a slimy substance, in which bacteria breeds and cause oral diseases. The bacteria also escape from this “little colony” and transfer to other parts of the mouth like tongue and tonsils. 

Now, the tonsils have crannies, some people may have deep, and some have shallow crevices. The bacteria find their way to the tonsils and cling to the oral debris, like dead skin cells, fluids, and tiny food particles. In these wet, warm, and dark areas of the mouth, the bacteria thrive quite successfully. In this colony, the bacteria build up and the trapped oral debris calcifies.

The tonsil stones then get bigger and wider, and the symptoms appear. Halitosis is the worst possible symptom.

Halitosis and Tonsilolliths

California Breath Clinics Founder, Dr Harold Katz states, that poor oral care can indeed cause bad breath or Halitosis. An authoritative report on oral care also states that:

  • Flossing is one of the ways to protect the teeth from gum diseases.
  • Get rid of food debris in the in-between-spaces of the teeth. Food debris one of the causes of tonsil stones, so getting rid of the debris as much as possible, minimizes the chances of growing Tonsilolliths again.
  • The foul stench of the breath caused by sulfur-producing microbes is an embarrassing situation. The tonsils then carry a densely packed bacterial colony, which is responsible for the unbearable smell of the mouth.
  • Similarly, the report also says, that when the mouth has a Ph imbalance, the bacteria multiplies faster.

Other Facets of Oral Care and Tonsil Stones

Caring for our oral health is elementary.

  • The dentists always tell us to brush regularly – three times a day.
  • Using a dental floss is highly recommended, not only for healthy teeth, gums, but also to prevent tonsil stones growth. The bacteria feed on the tiny oral debris, and ultimately, make their way to the tonsil pockets.
  • Our mouth should always have a normal Ph balance. If you smoke or drink too much, the acidity in the mouth increases, thus, guaranteeing bacterial proliferation. Similarly, eating too much sweet can help deplete oxygen and encourage acidity of the mouth. To remedy this, you need to use an oxygenating mouthwash to restore the alkalinity of the mouth.

Disregarding oral care can have consequential detriments. To save you from embarrassing and painful experiences, always determine the different symptoms of the condition. If uncertain, always see your doctor or dental care professionals for remedies and recommendations.

At-home remedies are also within reach. The Holistic methods are better ways when removing and preventing tonsil stones will not only preserve your precious smile, but also recover your confidence.

There are many aggressive methods to consider too, but nothing can compare to meticulous care for your oral and tonsil health.

Dr Jay Sidhu
I am a practising Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I have a special interest in working with Tonsil Stones Patients and providing Tonsil Stones Treatments online and within our clinic. Message me for any questions on Tonsil Stones. Dr Jay Sidhu

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